How to contact the City

To report park problems

Folks: It’s important to remember that everyone has the right to use our city parks during the daytime (6 am. to 10 pm). But to keep our neighborhood park safe and clean for everyone, request the city’s help for specific problems.

For emergency situations, including fights, drinking or behavior that threatens the safety of anyone (including themselves), call 911.

For requesting city clean up of debris in the park (left by day campers…): Google “city of Berkeley 311” to get to the online service center. This page has a standard form for requesting clean up. Be as specific as possible about location. It’s always a good idea to request help in a civil way! (or paste in the url  below to get there directly:

(There is a form to fill out on that page)

If you see folks sleeping in the park at night (after 10 pm and before 6 am), call the Berkeley police non-emergency number: 510-981-5900. Ask that police in their nightly drive-by along Ohlone Park to please roust night sleepers. Give a specific location in the park, where you see overnight campers. Remind the police dispatcher, in a calm and polite way, that residents have worked with our city council members and the city manager’s office to establish the principle that encampments are not allowed in the city’s parks at night. Ask for their help in making this city regulation known to overnight campers. Even if some folks “camp out” at Ohlone during the day, it is important to vigilantly maintain the principle that no one is allowed to sleep there. Requiring day campers to move away at night reduces the likelihood that a permanent, growing encampment will take hold.